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Tama-Do Coloured Silks - Colour Therapy - Copyright Chantal Fabrice

According to Fabien Maman,
Sound, Color and Movement® are the most effective tools
to dissolve negative energetic patterns in the auric field,
as well as to open the way to the vibrational gifts of the Universe.

Photo Copyright Chantal FabriceChantal is a qualified Tama-Do® Practitioner.  She trained with Fabien Maman and Terres Unsoeld at the the Academy of Sound, Colour and Chi Movement® and she offers Tama-Do® Treatments.

What is Tama-Do?
Tama-Do means The Way of the Soul. The techniques involve working on the aura, chakra and meridian systems with sound and colour in a very unique way.  All senses are stimulated with gorgeous Coloured Silks used to balance the physical body whilst delicious Colour Essences are used to balance the auric field and the chakras
Tuning Forks and Colour Lights are applied to the acupuncture command points of the body and a TCM pulse diagnosis is taken at the beginning of each session.  Each treatment is different.  Hands-on healing may also be part of treatment when necessary.
Fabien Maman is renowned for his special Musical Spine® treatment using Tuning Forks and Colour Light along the bladder meridian either side of the spine.
Chi Gong daily practices form part of Fabien’s philosophy.

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Sound Acupuncture, Tuning Forks, Colour Essences - Copyright Chantal Fabrice

Fabien Maman believes that 'blockages in our subtle energy fields can result in physical illness if they are allowed to crystallise,and that Sound, Colour and Light are the most effective toolswe can use to dissolve these negative energetic patterns. Once our energy fields are clear,
we can link with the original plan of our Soul.'
The Chinese discovered at least 2000 years ago
that a form of energy called Qi (pronounced 'chee') flows through pathways in the body.  When the smooth flow of this energy is disrupted, disharmony and ill-health can result.  By stimulating the acupuncture points on the body, changes in a person's health can be affected and normal functioning of our integrated physical, emotionaland spiritual whole can be restored.
Fabien Maman was interviewed by Jonathan Goldman for his Healing Sounds Radio show on Wednesday 8 September 2010.  If you missed the interview, access it here:
Watch Fabien on You Tube! You can follow along as he demonstrates Zhineng Qi Gong, (which is part of the Qi Gong of the Light DVD).  The DVD also includes Tao Yin Fa Series I and II.

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Fabien Maman demonstrates Zhineng Qi Gong
Fabien Maman demonstrates Qi Gong of the Light
Fabien Maman says that sound alone is not enough. 'You must add color to "fix" the sound, and Chi movement to ground the sound and color into the body, on a cellular level.
Chi Movement works to nourish the Etheric subtle field linking the physical with the subtle bodies.
Sound works on the Astral subtle energy field linking with emotion.
Color works to clear the Mental subtle energy field linking with mental and intellectual activity.
Once our energy fields are clear, we can link with the original plan of our Soul.'
Tama-Do Coloured Silks - Copyright Chantal Fabrice
Tama-Do Coloured Silks - Copyright Chantal Fabrice 

The Sound/Cellular Research of Fabien Maman
Fabien's Sound/Cellular Research can be found here!
In 1977, as an acupuncturist, Fabien Maman discovered the 12 notes for the 12 acupuncture meridians.  He created the now famous system of Sound Therapy which uses tuning forks instead of needles on acupuncture command points.  He is also renowned for his special 'musical spine' treatment using tuning forks and colour light therapy along the spine (each vertebrae has its own note).  The spine indeed is a memory bank of all our past emotions and such treatment can have dramatic results in terms of release.
In the early 80's, Fabien Maman conducted a revolutionary sound/cellular biology experiement showing for the first time under the microscope, the impacts of acoustic sound on human cells and their energy fields.  He also found that through a series of acoustic sounds, cancer cells would explode and healthy cells become energised and empowered.  His findings, documented in spectacularly beautiful slides, changed the landscape of Sound Healing.  More information can be obtained from the Tama-Do website:
Please note that this type of therapy is a complementary therapy and is not intended to be a substitute for any orthodox medication or treatment.
What can I expect from a treatment?
Tama-Do Sound Healing - Copyright Chantal FabriceTama-Do is a very relaxing therapy that is both enjoyable and very effective.  It aims to promote balance and harmony.  It can also be very energising.  It will facilitate whatever you are open to, for Tama-Do is the way of your Soul.
A treatment usually lasts 1 hour and includes and 10-min consultation.  You will be lying down fully clothed on a couch.  Please wear comfortable clothes.  You will only be asked to remove your shoes and jewellery.
For a thorough diagnosis your pulses on both writsts will be taken before and after treatment.  The tongue also provides a valuable indication as to the state of your health and particularly Chantal will intuitively scan your auric field on various levels.
Tama-Do Sound Healing - Copyright Chantal FabriceEach treatment is different and will have an impact on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
Please avoid wearing perfume, aftershave, scented cosmetics or body-sprays on the day of your appointment.  Avoid eating a big meal jusst before your appointment and also avoid alcohol before and within the following 24 to 48 hours.
Bear in mind that you may feel a little tired or even a little 'vulnerable' after treatment.  Please try and make arrangements so that you can fully relax.  In this way, you will gain maximum benefit by allowing the energies to settle down.  Integration time is most important.
For full benefits it is recommended you receive at least 3 sessions on a weekly basis.  Thereafter you may decide to continue weekly or space your sessions in whichever way suits your transformational needs.
Tama-Do Tuning Forks - Photo Copyright Chantal FabriceThe Tools

A set of 12 tuning forks used on acupuncture points and on the spine through clothing.

Tama-Do Coloured Silks - Photo Copyright Chantal FabriceBeautiful colour silks are used for chakra and subtle field balancing, colour meditations and accessing one's Soul's potentials.  Silk is a noble material which carries colour in the finest vibration, yet is still linked to matter.  Organically, silk represents the process of transformation.  The silk worm eats matter and spins it into light.  The colour spectrum of the silks is that of Darius Dinshah.

Tama-Do Colour Essences - Photo Copyright Chantal FabriceA range of Essences divinely inspired and created by Terres Unsoeld, Tama-Do Teacher.  The Faery Essences are tools for balancing the auric fields and awakening one's Sould's potential.  Pure essential oils mixed with organic alcohol and spring water, these Faery Essences are the highest form of vibration tool for healing and self-discovery.  They are not applied to the skin.

Sound Acupuncture - Photo Copyright Chantal Fabrice
13 coloured gels in a wheel and perched on a penlight makes this colour tool very powerful.  The light is usually applied to acupunture points (through clothing).   The Colour Light Wheel use colours that are the vibrational equivalency of the color spectrum discovered by Darius Dinshah.

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