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Sound Therapy                    
"You can look at disease as a form of disharmony.  There is no organ system in the body that is not affected by sound, music and vibration."
Mitchell Gaynor MD
Crystal Singing Bowls - Copyright Chantal Fabrice
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What is Sound Therapy?
Himalayan Bowls - Copyright Chantal FabriceSound has been used as a powerful and effective tool for improving health and well-being for thousands of years.  More recently, the advancement of new science has provided valuable support to these ancient techniques.
Sound healing is based on the fact that everything in the universe has a vibration, as atoms and molecules vibrate, a frequency is created.  Frequencies are measured in cycles per second or Hertz.  There are many frequencies we cannot hear as indeed the human range covers between 16,000 to 22,000 cps or Hz.
If you were to look at your body with a powerful microscope, you would see that it is not a solid object but is, in fact, a myriad of tiny particles of energy.  Over time these particles of energy are subjected to a variety of different stressors such as diet, lifestyle, environment, relationships, job and other factors.  These stressors can cause imbalances and weaknesses in the system which could lead to illness and disease.
Sound Therapy is about re-tuning and rebalancing, therefore creating harmony, allowing the body to find its own optimum vibration.
Himalayan Bowls - Copyright Chantal FabriceSoundwaves travel effortlessly through the body.  You may have felt sound pounding your chest at a concert.  Even though you cannot see the sound coming out of the speakers, you know that it causes a physical sensation because you can feel it. 
In a sound therapy treatment we use gentle, pleasant sounds that gently bathe the body at a cellular level.  This 'sonic massage' helps the system to balance itself by releasing the denser energy that can hold the body in an unhealthy state.  Sound therapy not only helps with physical illness, it can also help balance the emotions and quieten a busy mind.
We work with the idea that a person has an emotional, mental and spiritual level, by spiritual level, we do not mean religion, we mean what nurtures your spirit.  We work with the energy body, commonly called the aura and the treatment is based on 8 energy centres, commonly known as chakras.  For more information on this please check the Chakra Healing page on this website.
Chakras Tuning Forks - Copyright Chantal FabriceChantal trained at the British Academy of Sound Therapy for 2 years gaining her Diploma in Sound Therapy with distinction in 2008.  Chantal is registered both with the British Academy of Sound Therapy and the BRCP (Sound Dept). 
Prior to this she gained a Basic and an Advanced Certificate in the use of Chakra-Sound and Acu-Sound Tuning Fork Therapy using Kinesiology Muscle Testing and other selection procedures, at the Institute of Cyberkinetics (2003).
Practitioner hand held Crystal Bowls - Copyright Chantal Fabrice
More recently Chantal trained as a Tama-Do® Practitioner with Fabien Maman and Terres Unsoeld at the Academy of Sound, Colour and Chi Movement®.  This method involves working on the auric, chakra and meridian systems with sound and colour in a very unique way.  Click here for more information.

She also trained in the Soul Voice® Method using the sounding voice for deep emotional release.  Click here for more information.
The BAST Method of Sound Therapy is a non-invasible, gentle and effective technique that could help restore mind, body and sprit to its optimum state of being.
What can Sound Therapy help with?
Crystal Singing Bowl - Copyright Chantal Fabrice
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Fertility
  • Chronic pain
  • Cancer
  • IBS
  • ME
  • Tinnitus
  • Mild depression
  • Arthritis
Sound Therapy is very beneficial for all stress-related illnesses.
Sound Therapy is also very helpful for:
  • Emotional issues
  • Clearing blockages
  • Direction in life
  • Manifesting your dreams

Whether you come for a regular 'tune up' or relaxation session, or whether you have a chronic long-term illness, sound could help you enjoy a better quality of life.
Even if you consider yourself to be in the best of health, regular treatments could strengthen your health and therefore help prevent future illness and disease.
What happens during a treatment?
My Therapy Room - Copyright Chantal Fabrice
It is not necessary to remove any clothes during a treatment, with the exception of shoes, watches and jewellery.
The first session starts with an in-depth consultation covering your medical history and current issues.  All information will be held in strict confidence.
During treatment, you will be lying down fully clothed on a couch.
In order to detect any energy imbalances, a scan of your energy system will be taken using sound (Balinese Bell).  This will be repeated after treatment to monitor progress.
During treatment, ancient and contemporary instruments will be used.  The tones of these intruments and the voice (toning and overtoning) will weave together into a treatment which bathes the body in relaxing sounds.
Sound Therapy - Copyright Chantal FabriceTreatment usually begins with Himalyan Bowls followed by the most powerful instrument of all: the Voice - through toning and overtoning, followed by pure sounds from beautiful Crystal Bowls.
Gentle chimes and percussion sounds will be introduced at the end to gently bring you back into full awareness and facilitate grounding. Silence will help you integrate all the different frequencies you experienced.
Other instruments such as Tuning Forks may be used as needed.
You will be given homework based on your individual needs.  This may be gentle breathing exercises or toning a specific vowel to strengthen a particular chakra.  This will be discussed fully with you.
What Clients have said?
I didn't realise how powerful sound healing could be!”
"I did not expect the sound to have as much impact as it did!"
"I really enjoyed Chantal's voice when she sings, I think for me it was the most powerful sound of the therapy."
"I found the sessions deeply relaxing.  The sounds took me deep into my inner world and further to a place of peace and healing.
For more testimonials, click here!
After Care
  1. Drink plenty of water! This helps to speed up the dispersal of toxins and encourages their elimiation from the body
  2. Eat a light diet!  This allows the body to concentrate its energy on healing rather than the digestive process
  3. Rest and relax!  Avoid going to crowded places, dashing to an appointment or shopping at the supermarket.  This is an opportunity to take care of yourself, so take it easy and pamper yourself!
  4. Avoid cafferine and alcohol in the next day or so - Reintroducing toxins to the body is counterproductive to the treatment
Himalayan Bowls - Copyright Chantal Fabrice
Please allow quiet time
for yourself
after the treatment
to allow the energies
to settle down.
Healing Response
Occasionally, you may experience mild effects within 2 or 3 days of the treatment.  Symptoms experienced may range from a mild headache, to feeling tired, heightened emotions, or increased urination.
These are positive signs that the body is healing itself by eliminating toxins, or that long-buried emotions are gently releasing.
It is not unusual for therapies like reflexology, massage and other forms of healing to lead to a healing response, particularly if you're not had healing treatments before. 
Reducing your intake of caffeine, alcohol, sugar and processed foods will help you feeling better.  Toxins are constantly released from the body in many ways.  A simple cold or a simple headache is the body's natural way of releasing the toxins in your body.  You can help yourself by following the After Care listed above and improving your diet.
Symptoms should dissipate within 2 or 3 days.
If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact me. 
Of course if you have serious concerns, you should not hesitate to contact your GP.
Sound Therapy treatments are not suitable if you have any of the following conditions:
  • Less than 3 months pregnant
  • Frequency induced epilepsy
  • Seizures of any kind
  • Metal implants (excluding dental fillings)
  • Schizophrenic, psychotic, dissociative, depressive disorders
  • In an altered state due to alcohol or recreational drugs
First treatment               
1.5hrs up to 2 hours      
Follow-up treatments      
Relaxation session
1 hour
Pregnancy relaxation
1 hour
It is recommended you book weekly sessions to start with, at least for the first 3-6 sessions.  After your 3rd session, depending on your issues and how you feel, a treatment plan will be discussed with you.  Sessions may then be spaced every other week or on a monthly basis for a top up.
Special offer:
Book and pay 6 follow-up sessions in advance and get 10% off the total amount, that's a total saving of £45.
All Sound Therapy sessions take place at our Eltham practice, click here for details of location.
Sound Therapy is not intended to be used as a substitute for professional medical treatment and care.
To book an appointment, please call NOW on 020 8265 4308
or email at [email protected]
If we cannot take your call, please leave a message, we will do our best to return your call, usually within 24 hours.
Sound Healing instruments - Copyright Chantal Fabrice