Sound Healing Testimonials

“I didn't realise how powerful

sound healing could be!”

"I did not expect the sound to have

as much impact as it did!"

"I really enjoyed Chantal's voice when she sings, I think for me it was the most powerful sound of the therapy."

"I found the sessions deeply relaxing. The sounds took me deep

into my inner world and further to a place of peace and healing.

"During my 3rd session I slept almost all the way through

and afterwards I felt more relaxed, peaceful and in the 'now'.

"Chantal is an amazing practitioner!

She is a great therapist who knows how to listen."

"Sound took me to many places,

I had many images coming to mind,

it always felt very enveloping and soothing."

"I found Chantal to be a very professional, dedicated and sensitive therapist. Talking to Chantal moved something inside me.

After the session I was calm, peaceful and relieved. It was like something had finally started, the healing process... I am very grateful for that moment when Chantal helped me express my emotion."

"I felt motivated and full of energy for days."

"I wasn't sure what to expect at my first sound healing session. It was extremely powerful for me. I felt tingling and my legs were shaking at one point. I slept soundly that night, and that continued for some time. By the end of the 3rd session, I felt calmer and actually enjoyed the calming feelings and vibrations. I felt like something had changed inside. I now feel calm and peace about the emotions and past guilt about a certain situation. Chantal helped me to come to terms with it."

"Each treatment was unique with beautiful sounds and wonderful voice overtones. The experience was very nurturing and I recommand everyone to have at least 3 sessions!"

"Chantal really helped me to get through a very difficult time.

I have been feeling much more positive, with more energy,

I am feeling better and better."

At the first session, I was focusing on all the different sounds taking me

to different places and memories. At the second session, I was deeply relaxed and really sleepy. After the third session, I felt more energetic, more peaceful, like my mind had been 'cleaned'!"

"I would recommand sound healing sessions

to people who feel down, lost, burnt out or sick.

I think it's a great way to recover and rebalance the energies."

"After each session, I left feeling a greater clarity of vision

and an ability to cope or 'take on' projects or daily responsibilities.

The main benefits were a definite reduction in feelings of stress

and elimination of tension headaches or 'fuzziness''.

"Chantal was extremely professional both in taking a detailed case history and in administering the treatment. She was very gentle and calm in manner which meant I could completely relax into the treatment and feel its impact."

"I really enjoyed the experience. I found Chantal to be

very professional and intuitive. During each session

we worked on the parts needing healing at the time.

Chantal really inspired me working with sound myself."

"I felt immediately comforted by the room which was cosy and full of wonderful bowls and instruments I had never seen before.

My first session was abosolutely wonderful, enlivening and opening.

Although I experienced extreme cold during the session, afterwards I felt warmth and that something had been 'removed' from my entire system. At the end of the 2nd session, the sound hit my weariness right where I needed it. I was not only energised by the session, I also felt that the underlying cause of my extreme tiredness had been permanently removed."

"I found my response to some of those fascinating instruments, very curious and I also found that my responses to the same instrument could not be predicted from session to session."

"I found the sessions deeply healing and expansive.

A wonderful experience I can hardly wait to repeat."

"Two days after my 2nd treatment, I made the big decision to give up the job I have been doing for the last 25 years, a decision that my friends and family are pleased I have made."

"I love your therapy room!"